Fruit@Office is a Luxembourgish brand of fruits and vegetables at the office. Every day, the experienced buyers representing our partner Grosbusch sàrl choose the best fruit from all over the world.


Every fruit that we deliver is checked visually and packed by hand. The care that we take in our preparation and delivery  of each Fruit@Office box guarantees the consistency of quality and service, and therefore the satisfaction of our customers.


You’ll find the same quality and freshness, week after week.


Every weekend, our specialists walk round the warehouse and taste all our products to make up an excellent Fruit@Office composition for the following week.



Our partner Grosbusch sàrl ISO 9001: 2008 certification

The international ISO 9001: 2008 standard specifies the quality management system requirements when an organization:

  • must demonstrate its ability to regularly supply a product that meets customer requirements
  • aims to increase customer satisfaction by effectively applying the system, including the processes for continually improving the system and ensuring that it meets customer requirements and the applicable regulatory requirements.

The « Gesond iessen, Méi bewegen »Label

In July 2006, Luxembourg introduced a national project, “Gesond iessen, Méi bewegen”, to fight against the increase in the number of overweight people. Various Luxembourgish ministries signed a joint declaration in support of a policy aimed at promoting physical activity and good eating habits.




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