What is Fruit@Home?
Fruit@Home is a home delivery service for fresh fruit and vegetables provided by the Luxembourg family company Grosbusch. Deliveries are made in Luxembourg from Wednesday to Sunday, depending on your area. The composition of the boxes is designed to offer you a wide choice of produce. This variety offers you a huge range of nutrients and vitamins that will boost your immune system.
How are deliveries made?
Deliveries of the boxes will be made on the agreed day to the address indicated.

Our delivery agent will ring the doorbell. If the customer is in, he or she will receive his or her box directly. If the customer is out at the time of delivery, the delivery agent will call the telephone number that the customer indicated when ordering. If the customer can't be reached, the delivery agent will leave the box at the front door. If it might rain, the agent will make sure to put it in a sheltered place (as far as possible).

Due to the high demand, we cannot guarantee a fixed schedule. Some factors beyond our control may disrupt deliveries: traffic jams, weather conditions, difficulties finding the address, and so on.
Is it possible to modify or cancel my one-time order?
It is not possible to modify your one-time order (type of box, quantity, content of the box, delivery date or pickup...) or to cancel your order. Your choice is strictly final
Is it possible to change or cancel my subscription?
You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time from your customer space.
Can I make my own product selection? What are the different types of boxes? What are the prices?
Our team takes care of the selection of products in order to satisfy as many of you as possible. The make-up of the boxes changes every week in order to offer you a wide choice of seasonal products. This way, we can offer you different selections that you can discover by clicking here. It is therefore not possible to personalise the orders and boxes.
How can I contact you directly?
Our advisers are at your disposal for any remark concerning our services at (+352) 403 704 495 or by e-mail at contact@fruitathome.lu You can also contact our advisers via our contact form on our website. Click here to access it.
When and how can I place an order?
You can order directly online via the product page (click here). You will be able to add the products you are interested in to the cart and finalise the order using a credit card.
What payment methods are available?
We have chosen prepayment by credit card before delivery for one-off orders and direct debit for subscriptions.
When I receive the order, do I have to pay delivery costs?
No, delivery is free in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
I’m not satisfied with my order. What can I do?
If your order hasn’t arrived in good condition, send an email to contact@fruitathome.lu (or use the contact form here) explaining what has happened and we’ll solve the problem.
Is the produce washed?
To ensure that it keeps as long as possible, it is not washed.
What should I do to keep the produce as long as possible?
Don’t store the produce in hot places (close to radiators, heaters or in the sunshine).

You don’t need to keep the produce in the fridge.
How long will the produce stay fresh after delivery?
Products can be stored from a few days to more than a week (depending on the temperature, whether at room temperature or in the refrigerator).
Where does the produce come from?
We give preference to produce from Luxembourg, the Greater Region and Europe. However, to ensure the highest quality, we have to follow seasonal trends in the northern and southern hemispheres.
What do I do with the packaging?
All our packaging can be re-cycled. Throw it in the bin for cardboard, or give it to the delivery agent at the next delivery.